Functional Yoga

Functional yoga is the yoga designed to be useful, rather than aesthetically appealing. It is a body movement practice which supports wellness and natural movements we perform in every day life.  Yoga is often confused with contortionism. The main focus of functional yoga is mobility rather than flexibility. Mobility means the ability to move freely and easily which requires a combination of strength, suppleness, balance, and coordination.

Functional yoga involves stretching insofar it helps to overcome rigidity and regain the natural range of momenent. It achieves that goal through applying a healthy amount of stress to the tissues.  Slow- paced practice enhances proprioception – the body awareness - and simply gives the brain time to register, process and respond to what is happening inside the body. The fundamental premise of functional yoga is that everyone's body is unique, hence everybody's expression of yoga poses will be and should be different. The awareness and focus on inner sensations is of utmost importance in the functional yoga so following teacher's instructions in a mechanical way is strongly discouraged.

Much attention is paid also to the breathing pattern which could naturally enhance the movement and facilitate tension release.

Functional Yoga, will help you to:

  • keep your body fit without the risk of injury
  • regain your natural range of movements
  • relieve and prevent aches caused by poor postural habits or movement patterns
  • improve concentration and body awareness
  • relax and release physical and mental tension

About Weronika Chaberko


'I would highly recommend Weronika's classes to anyone and everyone. She acknowledges that each body is different and demonstrates how yoga is accessible for all. In Weronika's classes the mind is as important and the body, and the focus is on working with yourself rather that against yourself. I leave feeling like all of me has been engaged.''

Esme Green, London

Weronika is an incredibly attentive teacher. She quietly forms a special bond with every single one of her students and somehow manages to communicate to everyone individually through group practise - you know the exact moment she starts talking about you! Yoga has helped me with back pain and anxiety and has started teaching me about midfulness - I have discovered something that will stay in my life forever!"

Egle Sadauskaite, London

I stepped onto a yoga mat for the firs time 15 years ago and haven't looked back since. In 2007, I completed a Sivananda Yoga teachers' training course. I followed this classic Hatha Yoga style for many years, attracted to its holistic approach and spiritual depth. After getting increasingly disillusioned with the rigity of the traditional yoga, I began drawing inspiration from Scaravelli Yoga and the functional yoga paradigm. I also studied Yin Yoga with Norman Blair in London and trained with Ralf Marzen and Kira Balaskas to become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist. This helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of the human body as well as guide my students safely into their unique expressions of yogic poses. Years of regular Vipassana meditation practice naturally led me towards a more mindful and self-compassionate Yoga practice.

I believe Yoga shouldn't be about looking good or doing the poses 'right' but rather about feeling good and fully accepting oneself. Encouraging students to pay attention to the inner sensations and to adjust asanas (postures) so that they benefit their own unique anatomy and mental state lies at the core of my teaching.